Chinese/Japanese/Korean <> English Translator, Canadian Citizen
ATA Certified from English into Chinese
Law & Business Translation Specialist
6 yrs' practice in North America & 9 yrs' in China

Add: 57-2758, 158th Street, Surrey, B.C. V3S 3K3 Canada
Tel/Fax: +1 (778) 294-2026; Mobile: +1 (604) 328-6000
Email:jackln@vip.sina.com; MSN:jackln@hotmail.com; Skpye: lian_jack

What I Do

    I do Chinese/Japanese/Korean <> English translation and am specialized in law & business.

Professional Qualification


2008-present: Vancouver, Canada£¬Full-time freelance translator in the language pairs Chinese/Japanese/Korean <> English
2001-2008: Shanghai, China, Full-time freelance English/French <> Chinese translator

Working full-time as a freelance translator since 2001, I am specialized in the subject matters of foreign direct investment, IPO, due diligence, financing & re-financing, int'l trade & business, credit and financial reports, IP document review, etc..

1999 - 2001

CEO, President of Sunrise Consulting Co., Ltd. a company based in Shanghai, China, providing litigation advisory services to assist the clients in a variety of legal matters, including commercial litigation, contract disputes, regulation issues, intellectual property, technology transfer and taxation. The company also provided management consulting services with a focus on finance, insurance and financial service.

    Examples of Past Translation Projects::

    1. Agreements and Contracts

    • Agreement on Transfer of Creditor's Rights of Non-performing Loans
    • Private Placement Memorandum
    • Agreement on Transfer of Shares
    • Bullion Consignment Facility Agreement
    • Memorandum of Understandings for Sale and Purchase of CERs
    • Manufacturing and Supply of Auto Parts Agreement
    • Informed Consent Form to Participate in Research
    • Standard Bareboat Charter, Civil Mediation, Arbitration and Marriage Agreement
    • The Standard Terms & Conditions of Business for Permanent Placements

    2. Laws and Regulations

    • Articles of Association - China Investment Corporation
    • China Sports Lottery Requirements and Specifications
    • Guidelines for Compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) and Foreign Anticorruption Laws
    • Decree of the State Food and Drug Administration
    • Rules for Administration of Food Labeling
    • Requirements & Procedures for Establishing Drug Distribution Enterprise in Tianjin
    3. Company Governance and Policies
    • Organization Structure and its Generation Method, Functions and Powers, and Rules of Decision on Company Matters
    • Employee Handbook
    • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
    • Corporate Governance Inquiries Procedure
    • ABC China¡¯s Implementation Details of Gifts and Hospitality
    • Global Procurement Policy Manual
    • IT Policy on Appropriate Use of Lehman Brothers - Technology
    4. Litigation
    • Beijing Municipality Haidian District People¡¯s Court Civil Judgment
    • Request for International Judicial Assistance (Letter Rogatory)
    • Answer to Petition for Damages and Request for Trial by July
    • Durable General Power of Attorney
    • Amended Consolidated Class Action Complaint
    • Insolvency and Tax Advice
    • Final Award
    5. Finance and Accounting
    • Plan on Overall Reform of Xiamen International Bank to a National Chinese Joint-stock Commercial Bank
    • Application for National Social Security Fund Overseas Investment Manager
    • Opinions Request Form Pertaining to the 4th Foreign Investment for Entrustment Management of Civil Servants Pension Fund
    • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
    • (600839) ¡°Sichuan Changhong¡± Announced an Associated Transaction
    • Calamos Prospectus 1 October 2009
    • Ph.D. (1999) in Intellectual Property Law, East China University of Politics and Law
    • MBA (1996) from Xiamen University
    • B.S. (1990), in Physical Geography, East China Normal University
    • SDL TRADOS, Wordfast, QuarkExpress, FrameMaker, InDesign CS2.0, Illustrator, FrontPage and RoboHelp Office.
    • Reference will be provided upon request.