Medical translation is even more challenging because it calls for knowledge of the subject matter in addition to linguistic competency. Recognizing this, we add a requirement of medical education background or medical work experience in our recruitment of new translators and we have proofreaders who have a background in medicine as well. We also provide morphological trainings on word building rules for our translators to build at least an actively operative glossary of medical terms in English.
Our philosophy in medical translation is “We Know What We Are Translating”.
Materials we translate:
Clinical trials and protocols
Patient information and informed consent forms (ICF)
Case report forms
Adverse event reports
New Drug Application (NDA) submission
Regulatory documentation
Medical records and reports
Medical paper and articles
Patient questionnaires
Product labels and package inserts
Medical production manuals
Clients we serve:
Pharmaceutical companies
Clinical research organizations
Medical and surgical device manufacturers
Biochemical companies
Medical insurance companies
Health care providers

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